National Software Testing Conference
Deepak Selvaraj

Deepak Selvaraj

Technical Test Manager, Arqiva

A Tester Clicking Buttons Or A Test Ninja Breaking Tools!

This presentation reveals the history of Arqiva Wi-Fi test ninja’s and our vision to be ‘Ingenious’ within the future software testing industry.

We will be discussing the answers for below questions; which will expose the benefits and challenges in transforming a tester into a test ninja within this era of future computing which involves Cloud Computing, Green Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT etc

· How do we differentiate a tester clicking buttons and a test ninja breaking tools?

· Is Test Ninja an automation tester or a manual tester?

· Why is it important for a test ninja to have the skills to handle different types of testing rather than just functional testing?

· How a test ninja does exhibits computational quality rather than just ‘system under test’ quality?

· Challenges and Vision of Future Test Ninja .

Award winning Technical Test Manager with an excellent academic record and with an extensive analytical approach towards finding defects/breaking tools. Deepak follows a diagrammatic (draw the flow and break it down) approach towards breaking the system under test and train the same to his team members which is appreciated and adapted widely.

He started out at Arqiva WiFi as a web developer prior to which he was a Software Engineer building Java/Python based software applications for Openstack, Global Techno Solutions and Reliance Telecommunication.

Currently Deepak leads his team to build a ‘test bed’ that covers all aspects of testing such as performance, penetration, application, big data and network level testing. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a Masters in Future computing at Merit.

Outside work, Deepak plays cricket for Hemel Hempstead Cricket Club and ETCL Premier League based in the UK.