National Software Testing Conference

Edge Testing

Edge is a leading expert in providing world-class software testing solutions. We are typically engaged when organisations are implementing a new system or making significant changes to an existing system. We ensure systems are fast, secure, available and work as expected in an increasingly complex and distributed digital age.

We test back office systems, e-commerce sites and apps. We test accessing these from multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, touchscreens and smartphones from our purpose built device lab.

Founded in 2007, Edge has grown to over 150 people and boasts some of the UK’s premier testing thought leaders and experts. Our own Edge Academy has brought over 40 newcomers into the industry in the past two years.

Edge has quickly built up an excellent reputation with an enviable client list across financial services, telecommunications and media, utilities, retail and the public sector.

The Digital Test Hub by Edge Testing was launched in 2013 to provide low-cost on demand services to the digital industry – the first of its kind in the UK.

In recognition of Edge’s success, Brian Ferrie, CEO and Founder of Edge Testing, recently won ‘CEO of the Year’ at the ScotlandIS Digital Technology Awards.