National Software Testing Conference

Jamo Solutions

Jamo Automator, a revolutionary, easy-to-use, cloud-based testing tool that allows users to automate mobile app test creation and management without scripting. That’s right – no scripting. No programming. No code. As the user walks through the app, Jamo Automator captures each action as an image, a screenshot, so the user can easily navigate the test script, edit and replay it.

Did you notice I am saying “user” and not “tester”? That’s because you don’t need to be a technical tester to use Jamo Automator. Anyone who can click, swipe and make selections on a screen can create a fully functional automated test case. And this opens up the world of test automation to a whole new community of users: business users, focus group participants, manual testers – anyone who understands the business processes and has a stake in app quality.

Here are some of the highlights of the solution:

  • Documented test case process flow: Jamo Automator captures user actions and records them as a flow of test step illustrated by the corresponding image of the app.

  • Storage in the cloud: All automated test cases are saved in the cloud and can be viewed and modified through a browser. No need to install add-ins or tools to access the test information.

  • No coding skills required: Anyone who can interact with the screen can record, enhance and maintain reusable test scripts.

  • Quick, easy deployment: Jamo Automator is securely delivered as a service. Anyone with access to a browser and a mobile device or emulator can begin using the tool.

  • Testing on any device: Jamo Automator can run anywhere, on any device – in the lab, on the cloud, on the tester’s desk or in an emulator.

  • Easily reuse test cases for regression testing: Build automated test cases that can be re-executed under different conditions and against multiple versions of the app, driving app quality and increasing the ROI of the test automation process.