National Software Testing Conference
Jonathan Hare-Winton

Jonathan Hare-Winton

QA Automation Engineer at Guardian Media

So what DO you do if you don’t do testing?!

This is a story of how and why we at the Guardian found ourselves ditching conventional approaches to testing – and instead learned to find more creative ways to improve quality, and evolved our role.

Current received wisdom is that automated testing coupled with continuous integration allows software companies to deploy and release software more frequently. On the contrary – we found that deploying more frequently and more efficiently freed us from the shackles of long suites of automated regression and allows us to think about quality of our products in a more holistic way.

This talk will outline, from a tester’s point of view, how changes in our culture, our architecture, adoption of continuous integration and other technologies have changed everything about the way we work – for the better. From monitoring and alerting, from automating analysis of our users’ feedback to tracking the negative impact of dodgy ads on our website, we will talk about the things we have done to make every person in our team care about quality in a more holistic way; and have more importantly changed who we are and what we do.

Jon Hare-Winton (QA automation engineer) from The Guardian will recount stories (successful and otherwise) about adopting a holistic approach to quality, and takes attendees through experiments and lessons learned along the way.

Jon Hare-Winton is an experienced automation engineer, specialising in mobile apps. He has worked in technology across the media, marketing and finance industries, and is a regular contributor to the Guardian developer blog