National Software Testing Conference
Niranjalee Rajaratne

Niranjalee Rajaratne

Head of Quality Assurance, Third Bridge
Is Quality All About Testing?

As software organisations grow it is vital that the quality is maintained. To cope with complex project structures and organisation hierarchy it’s common to expand the testing teams and do huge investments in test automation.

Quality should be everyone’s responsibility, but is it in reality? Testing has become one of the main characteristic of defining quality where the Testers’ life gets exhausted hammering the same circle of life. Quality should not be all about testing; the business attitude towards testing, environment the testers have to work in and the processes we choose have an enormous impact on quality.

This story is about how we at Third Bridge found ourselves meeting required quality levels in a short period of time by fixing our broken links in our attitude, environment and processes. We found ourselves changing our approaches to how we do things and how we communicate. We are gradually building up a quality culture making quality to be everyone’s responsibility. In this talk I will illustrate what was then, what we do now and what will be our plans for the future.

Niranjalee Rajaratne is the Head of Quality Assurance at Third Bridge. She is keen in establishing QA processes and building a culture of quality. Values continuous development and believes that in order to be successful challenges needs to be taken that pushes one’s limits. She holds an MBA and has 10 years of QA experience.