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Philip Hogan

Philip Hogan

Head of QA,

Abandoning ‘Best Practices’

A case study of QA in an ecommerce environment with a focus on CRO/product led QA.

With a small team we’re required to turn around a lot of releases in a very short space of time, which forces us to make compromises on industry conventions and teaching that are otherwise blindly followed to the letter of the law for no guarantees that a release will be fit for purpose.

A QA team doesn’t best serve a company unless it adapts to the companies needs rather than trying to rigidly stick to what are considered best practices.

Fell into QA in 2004 by chance and have worked in the field ever since. To date I’ve worked for fund management companies, banks, telecoms and have spent the last 6 years working for as their head of QA.