National Software Testing Conference
Richard Self

Richard Self

Research Fellow, Big Data Lab and Senior Lecturer in Analytics and Governance, University of Derby
Big Data Applications: Making them Deliver Value

This session will use a governance framework consisting of the 12 Vs of Big Data to pose important questions that should be considered in order to ensure successful implementation of value creating applications, especially those involving Big Data. It will cover relevant aspects of the design, development, testing and implementation cycle.

Testing software has often been used as the gatekeeper for inadequacies in the analysis, design and coding processes and has been used to engineer quality back into a product. This is extremely expensive and time consuming. There are more effective ways of developing software.

The current climate of apparently perpetual regular beta releases of apps can lead to significant reputational risks for businesses, hence the importance of considering the overall cycle as part of the software testing perspective in order to ensure business success.

Richard has 30 years’ experience at a large aerospace company in designing and implementing a wide range of systems. He is now one of the leaders of the development of Data Science and Analytics programmes at the University of Derby. He is particularly interested in the governance consequences of the use of Big Data and the IoT. He is an invited speaker at national and international conferences across a wide range of business sectors. His recent research has concentrated on the governance consequences of location services inaccuracies in smartphones.